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The shorts are intended for topical therapeutic use to help treat injuries and prevent diseases of the hip, abdomen, small pelvic organs, rectum, urinary system and privatized diseases.

Medical clothes are made of shield layers.

Each layer is made of a synthetic metallized film with a thickness of 1 micron or 0.001 millimeter. The shield layer on the patient side is designed to reflect electromagnetic radiation in the infrared and ultra-high frequency range.

Healing clothes reach their strength thanks to an electrostatic field equal to one atmosphere.

Medical clothes that affect therapeutic factors are:
Coated body protection against external electromagnetic and electrostatic effects.
Reduced heat emission and normal heat exchange caused by reflected heat radiation in the infrared spectrum of electromagnetic waves.
Exposure of a patient to extremely high frequency (body cell operating frequency) characteristic electromagnetic radiation
Redistribution of surface electric charge to the patient

Therapeutic indications:

stiffness and other discomfort in the hip, abdomen, small pelvic organs, rectum, urinary system.
Acute and chronic diseases
postoperative conditions and their consequences in the hip area (coxarthrosis, arthritis and hip joint hypoplasia, cervical hip and pelvic fractures, osteomyelitis, phlegmons, myositis, furunculosis, soft tissue contusions)
Spinal diseases of the cervical spine (osteochondrosis, lumbosacral radiculitis, disc herniation, lumbago, etc.)
Acute and chronic gynecological diseases (dysmenorrhea, adnexitis, endometritis, endometriosis, cystic disease and ovarian sclerosis, metrofibroma, cervical erosions, vulvitis, vaginitis, visceroptosis, various postoperative conditions).

Medical treatment clothing is intended for local treatment and prevention of various diseases.