Physiotherapeutic Bandage

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Energy textile products (blended and modified) and manufactured, in a multilayer metal coating film covered with wool-cotton materials. They are widely used in various functions of the body in the treatment and prevention of disorders, as well as at home.

The use of these products is non-invasive and effective, as the protective device is not an external electromagnetic and electrostatic field that is not emitted by other devices and technologies. At the same time, when textiles are reflected by electromagnetic radiation, which is in the infrared and evenly elevated frequency range, as the exchange of energy normalizes and the body's ability to regenerate improves. Due to the high quality, usability and all these products, which are regulated in psycho-emotional cases, improving sleep, increasing resistance to stress factors, reduces muscle tension.

Physiotherapeutic bandage is a unique Medicinal textile product. A physiotherapeutic bandage
can be used in the place of almost any medical clothing. In order to create a therapeutic effect,
the area of complaint (torso, legs, arms, head, etc.) needs to be wrapped with a
physiotherapeutic bandage.

In the physiotherapeutic bond, the shielded coating is placed between the outer layer of
electrical insulation and it increases the therapeutic properties, as well as provides the same
therapeutic effect on both sides.

Physiotherapeutic bandage is available in two sizes: small ( 120 x 10 ) and standard ( 240 x 10 ). To be delivered with two cotton covers.