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The basic, most commonly used Medicinal Textile is the Medical Blanket (OLM). It is produced

in 3 sizes:

  • OLM Standard
  • Size: 220x160 cm, weight: 3 kg
  • OLM Small
  • Size: 110x160 cm, weight: 1.5 kg
  • OLM Large
  • Size: 220x205 cm, weight: 4 kg

The course of therapy should last 15-20 days (1-3 sessions per day) with a break of 7-10 days between courses of therapy.

The recommended duration of each treatment is at least 40minutes. 

The overall effect on the body is achieved if the blanket is completely wrapped, leaving
only the face uncovered.

It is also possible to use the medical blanket for topical therapy, in which case only the complaint area is wrapped.