A therapy that helps the body regain its natural healing abilities.

What is SCENAR

SCENAR - an abbreviation of the full name of a medical devices class. It is short for a self-controlled energyneuroadaptive regulator. Or, briefly, energyneurostimulator.

SCENAR devices have an advantage over the standard electrostimulators which use a permanent electrical impulse. So the body habituates to it quickly and ceases responding. When you take an ice cube, you first feel cold, and then the feeling gets much weaker. In the same way the body responds to a permanent electrical impulse. Engineers of RITM OKB ZAO decided to substantially increase the efficiency of our devices. So they made the device impulse alternate and neural, i.e. very similar to the pulses transmitted by the human nervous system.

The effect surpassed all expectations! The test results were so unexpected and effective, that a lot of enthusiasts and followers appeared both among medical professionals and patients. SCENAR therapy became a new trend in medicine. It has aroused heightened interest in the West. As a result this type of device has been licensed and certified in many countries. Now SCENAR is recognized and became widely used by medical professionals all over the world.

However, in order to achieve high performance in the treatment of acute and chronic pain-related conditions with help of SCENAR, it is recommended to receive relevant training.

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What's special about Scenar therapy?

Unique technology

The main advantage of SCENAR is that its impulse is bio-variable. Responding to the skin reaction, it automatically “adjusts” the parameters for the most efficient treatment – SCENAR impulse is physiological

SCENAR therapy

SCENAR therapy is a non-traditional medicine that provides non-drug and non-invasive intervention. SCENAR impulse is like an energy-neuro-informative material from which the body itself can learn, naturally restore health in itself again.

Ancient Knowledge Methodology

SCENAR therapy is a method of alternative medical therapy based on ancient knowledge, which can be used both individually and with other additional treatment methods.

Efficiency of SCENAR therapy

Pain management remains one of the most actual and complex problems of the modern medicine.

The physiological purpose of pain is to warn us about an injury or a pathological process. It draws body’s attention to a necessity of taking some actions. Modern medicine can offer drugs and medications that can suppress pain perception. However, this results in the loss of the physiological meaning of pain and contradicts the biological mechanism. 

Why is SCENAR more efficient, than other methods?

The main advantage of SCENAR is that its impulse is bio-variable. Responding to the skin reaction, it automatically “adjusts” the parameters for the most efficient treatment :

  • SCENAR impulse is physiological:
  • SCENAR does not damage tissues, because it does not heat them, or make them do the unnatural “work”;
  • SCENAR combines the benefits of many methods of physiotherapy, such as darsonvalization, miostimulation, diadynamic currents and even ultrasound;
  • SCENAR has minimum contraindications;
  • SCENAR has a significant anti-pain, effect.

The optimal way of pain treatment without strong drugs exists! This is SCENAR therapy.

The anti-pain effect of SCENAR is systemic. Device application stimulates the release of endorphins and many other neuropeptides (i.e. neurotension, cholecystokinin). Collectively, these substances regulate not only the systems responsible for pain perception, but also many other body systems. Pain is being relieved to the level necessary for the body restoration.

Medical doctors of different specialties use SCENAR therapy in their practice. Doctoral and master's theses were presented, a database on the positive effects of SCENAR treatment has been created, many physiological studies and clinical investigations have been carried out. 

Here is the opinion of well-known SCENAR therapists: SCENAR slowly but steadily integrates into the world medicine, being certified as a medical device in more than 30 countries of the world. A combined treatment by using PROFESSIONAL and traditional methods can result in fantastic outcomes.

No other methods of electric treatment can show the same level of efficiency.

Prices for SCENAR-therapy services

  • Classical SCENAR treatment


    60 minutes (with a discount of 25.00)

  • Classical SCENAR treatment


    90 minutes (with a discount of 40.00)

  • Scenar home visit


    Riga, Riga district

  • Scenar device for rent


    twenty-four hours

  • Electrode rental for SCENAR


Prices for SCENAR aesthetics

  • SCENAR aesthetics


    90 minutes

Prices for rehabilitation services

  • First consultation


    60 minutes

  • Individual therapeutic gymnastics


    30 minutes

  • Individual therapeutic gymnastics


    60 minutes (with a discount at 20.00)

  • Individual therapeutic gymnastics


    90 minutes (with a discount at 30.00)

  • Individual therapeutic gymnastics


    120 minutes (with a discount at 40.00)

  • Individual therapeutic gymnastics subscription


    10 * 60 minutes (valid for 3 months)

  • Individual physiotherapy


    30 minutes

  • Individual physiotherapy


    60 minutes (with a discount of 25.00)

  • Individual physiotherapy


    90 minutes (with a discount of 40.00)

  • Individual physiotherapy


    120 minutes (with a discount of 55.00)

  • Kinesiology tape

    15.00 - 30.00

    depending on the application

  • Physiotherapist's home visit



Prices for "Medical Treatment Blanket" services

  • "Medically healing blanket" procedure


    30 - 50 minutes

  • "Medical treatment blanket" for rent


    twenty-four hours